Garden damage by neighbours fence?

During the recent high winds, the neighbours fence was blown down and unfortunately caused damage to a slide and a car top box situated in our garden. Who would be responsible for replacement items due to damage beyond repair?
07:20 Wed 02nd May 2012
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I would have thought the neighbour was responsible but maybe his insurance would pay. However I am not anything like an expert, others will help.
If anyone, your neighbour's household insurance policy. You claim from your neighbour, your neighbour passes the claim to the insurance company. However, unless the fence wasn't secured properly (which they'll investigate) this might just be deemed an Act of God - it depends on the terms of the insurance policy.
claim on your household insurance and they will do the rest!
Good point, cath, if garden/play equipment is covered on stu's policy.
i would certainly phone insurance an check!

but speak politely to the neighbour first, because you have to live there ... they may wish to claim on their own behalf!
If the fence was in good condition then it wasn't your neihbours fault. If it was in poor condition then it was their fault.
Just some thing to add.Might be wrong but, each fence is the responsibility of different property owners. The one to the left say is your neighbours. The one on the opposite side of your garden is yours. That is if you have neighbours on each side. If the maintenance was in question.
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thanks everyone for the advice, the neighbour is denying liability so it could take a while to sort this out.

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