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I have a cherry blossom tree in my garden which last summer I thought was a bit unhealthy because its leaves were curving backwards and inwards, not broad and flat as you would expect. There is new growth from the base of the tree on which the leaves seemed perfectly ok. This new growth is now developing white blossom, but the blossom on the main tree can be seen to be coming through pink. The main tree is perhaps up to 15 feet high and the new growth maybe 10 feet. Can anyone explain what's happening here ?? Many thanks.
18:34 Mon 02nd Apr 2012
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its a sucker; get rid of it before it weakens the tree
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Is the tree a graft?
It is possible that the upper part is the grafted on variety whilst the shoots (I think the proper term is 'sports' for some reason) is the original variety.
It is not unusual for Prunus to bear different coloured blossom.
its a sucker; get rid of it before it weakens the tree
The curling leaf could be caused by aphid or spider mite and needs yreating
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Thanks. I'll probably take tamborine's advice and get rid of it.

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