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Suggestions please for the best plants for my conservatory. It gets the morning sun & I've heard orange & lemon trees might survive. I'd like something a bit colourful if possible. Thanks
20:27 Sat 31st Mar 2012
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I've got a beautiful bougainvillia in mine. Flowers (although not really flowers) 10 months of the year and reminds me of my annual Spanish holidays!
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Wow, that was quick! Thanks very much Prudie, sounds lovely.
Bougainvillea is delightful, I love it, beware though because it is poisonous and also has long sharp thorns. Geraniums love the heat and are bright and easy, a mimosa tree in a pot will both brighten and perfume January for you. Citrus trees can be awkward as they get red spider mite which is hard to get rid of. Jasmine is easy and lovely stephanotis beautifully scented, look at hoyas for oneupmanship, also the Rothschild lily (gloriosa lily) which is dead easy and unusual. Gardenias smell divine too.
Can you tell I am jealous?
I was going to add stephanotis and you're so right woofgang about hoyas and oneupmanship! If your conservatory is like mine catholic then check anything you choose can withstand extreme heat. Mine can get to well over 40 C on a sunny day.
Daturas, oleander, cestrum nocturnum, plumbego, Jasmine, gingers, bananas, infact, i use this lot
I grow Brumansia they have the most wonderful flowers, huge bells, they love sun and need lots of water, but the blooms are just so spectacular!.......
Brugmansia and datura are the same things....lovely and very striking. Be careful with oleander, another poisonous one.
strelitzia [bet that's the wrong spelling] Bird of Paradise, but be patient.
Unless you have some sort of roof in blinds or made of polycarbonate - I wouldn't bother trying a lemon tree. We have no roof protection or shade and the lemon tree was almost fried!
We put lemon trees outside in the summer, then bring them in in the winter.
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Thank you so much all you keen plant lovers out there. Lots of lovely suggestions. I'm off to the garden centre tomorrow!!

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