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Diamond Wedding. I would like to plant a tree in my garden , or maybe two. Any ideas please, have an acre of space, prefer a fast grower , love all winter and summer colours. All suggestions gratefully received.
17:22 Sat 03rd Mar 2012
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Well didn't find a diamond tree you could plant, but there does seem to be a rose. http://www.worldofros...mond_celebration.html
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Silver Birch?
Linden tree - freshest green in spring and golden yellow in autumn.
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Thank you both for your replies. Have a silver birch at present, am not familiar with the Linden tree-- but will check out.Many thanks.
Garrya Eliptica..evergreen ,lovely sliver gray catkins.
Snake-bark Maple fabulous treewith red peeling bark.
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Thank you also megfitz, will check out.
Well didn't find a diamond tree you could plant, but there does seem to be a rose. http://www.worldofros...mond_celebration.html
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Thanks O.G and woofgang-- lots to think about now-- will need to get my act together and decide-- so thanks to everyone again.
Some of the eucalyptus family have very attractive pale bark and lovely glaucous leaves , and they are certainly fast growing , check out the RHS website for further info.
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Thanks--Exmothian--- have just bought an oak from RHS, and now 'cos I have the space ,am after a cockspur thorn, a member of the Hawthorn family.
Have 2 eucalyptus, and as you say they are wonderful.Realise that I shall not be around to see the oak reach maturity, but others will be.
what about dogwood? - not so tall, but wonderful red or yellow bark in the winter.
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Thanks boxtops -- love the dogwood , have a couple in and the red winter stems are just brilliant.
You must have a wonderful Acer if you haven't already got one:-)
I'd go for a laburnum - our neighbours have one and it is the most beautiful thing.

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