lilley beetles

Last year I grew quite a few lillies for the first time and they were covered with the red beetles. The more I sqashed the more there were. Now my wife has bought some more for this year. Can I get rid of these pests without splashing out for special sprays? any suggestions greatly appreciated.
19:52 Thu 01st Mar 2012
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They are horrible little blighters, and their grubs. Here's a link telling you the best way to get rid.
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Thanks Ladybirder I think I'll have to buy something, I don't fancy getting into the garden by 7.30 in the morning just to catch those varmints.
We call them poo beetles, they are so clever disguising themselves to look like droppings...
It is a bit disgusting I must admit, especially picking the horrible looking grubs off. I gave up on the lilies in the end because I couldn't cope with the beetles.
me too.

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