Dripping Overflow Pipe

How do I stop my overflow pipe dripping? It is a constant drip and as the water in the tank in the loft is warm I assume the water is somehow coming from the water tank in the house. How do I stop this? It is getting worse and worse and I am on a water metre!
15:23 Mon 14th Jan 2008
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where exactly is the overflow?
is it from the loft tanks or the loo overflow, although its not that crucial as one or the other tank /cistern is letting water pass through the washers in the valve/float system and the water level is too high and thus overflowing, (doing its job).
you need to change either the whole float arm/valve or if you can be bothered re washer the valve washers and re set the water level
terence7556 it is that crucial because if it is the boiler small top up expansion tank the boiler could be over heating and transferring back up through the expansion pipe if it is the large storage tank top up for domestic hot water cylinder that also has an expansion pipe for boiling water both these situations will cause the overflow to drip/flow and need to be addressed urgently maybe by a plumber so warrinersama which tank is it ?? have you got boiling water coming from your taps are your radiators to hot ???? HTH Tez
hth tez you are correct and it is important
warrinersama how many tanks are in your loft and is the smaller or larger one with the warm water in it.
the expansion pipe hth tez refers to looks like a pipe in the shape of an upside down J and will send water back in to the tank.is this pipe warm to touch?
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There is only 1 tank in my loft and it has warm water in it. Cold water comes out when you press the ball **** down which has led me to believe it is coming from the hot water tank otherwise the water in the tank would be cold. The hot water in the house is just as it always is but I have noticed the radiators are not getting as hot as they used to. How do you re set the water level?
my general concern is that hot water is being passed into the tank from an overheating appliance, either the boiler or a cylinder if you still have one( in the news last week re the little girl) and the item needs to be checked out by someone competent to do this, as it sounds like a fault occuring.
1( is the water in the tank warm or hot? the fresh water coming in will be very cold, as it is from underground
2) are the rads cold all over or cold at the top i.e. trapped air or cold at the bottom i.e. trapped sludge
3) which water level do you wish to reset ?
before answering i think you need assistance for the hot water in the tank problem and should make arrangements for this to be assessed
Question Author
Have had a plumber to look at my problem and he said the coil in the water tank has a hole in it and I need a new hot water tank. Is this true or can I just get the coil fixed?

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