Tip for removing white stain on wood

Can anyone advise how I can get rid of a white stain made by putting a coffee cup down on a dark wood table without using a coaster.I would be extremely grateful for any tips.Thanks in advance
19:34 Fri 13th Jan 2012
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You can buy kits for repairing these sort of stains but if you kow anyone who smokes get a damp cloth dab it in the ash and rub on the mark and it should disappear. You might want to try it on a hidden place first ! I have tried it and it worked
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Thanks for that.I have friends who smoke so will try it next time they are here
I have used a product called a "Miracle Cloth " It took out a huge heat blemish where some one plonked a dish straight from the oven onto a dark wood table. Lakeland used to stock them - also used on brass that was not cleaned for ten years and left to the elements ... it was great.
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Going to Google that right now.Ta
Try ordinary (non-gel) toothpaste mixed 50/50 with baking soda. Just spread it on, rub it in, let it sit for 10 minutes, wipe off...
miracle cloths are here on eBay http://www.ebay.co.uk...at=See-All-Categories
When I worked in a pub years ago we used the ash out of the ash trays!!!!
Brown shoe polish usually works....
Also you can rub with a brazil nut.

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