blocking up air vents

I have an ex council house which being built in 1947 has air vents for i assume the fact that it was heated with fireplaces.

what is the best way to block these up ? both from an insulation perspective and an aesthetic perspective (and cheap too !)
15:32 Sun 25th Sep 2011
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Depends which walls they're in, Thunders...........
Interior partition?
External wall (interior)?
External wall (exterior)?
Also, what finish is there now?
Question Author
it's an external wall, the vents basically lets air into the rooms from the outside
Ah ......... if there's a solid fuel type device ...... woodburner etc, the vent may be for that.

Otherwise, interior, small piece of plasterboard, plaster in, or polyfilla and paint. You could leave the outside vents alone then.
Also .......... offcut of Celotex/Kingspan pushed in for insulation ........ or standard loftroll. Put the insulation in a plastic bag to isolate it from the outer leaf.
Question Author
The fire places have been long bricked up but stupidly it is the two rooms with no fireplaces that have vents, i have a nice efficient combi boiler, was put in a year before i bought it. So basically I knock out the grill stuff some insulation in and put plaster board over it and then skim it up to wall level
That'll do it :o))))
Could the vents be there to stop damp?
No : )

In a chimney breast or old store/cool cupboard or khazi, yes.

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