chipping up tiles on kitchen floor

We are having trouble chipping up the floor tiles in the kitchen. Little chips are coming away instead of the whole tile coming up which would take forever to lift up. We thought we could overcome the situation by putting screed down over the tiles but they are lifting up in places. Is there anything else to use in this situation to level the floor properly and make the new tiles adhere to the ground?

Would it help to put more of this cement screed on top of the previous screed or would that not help?

Advice needed?

15:17 Thu 12th May 2011
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I've found a spade works well at getting floor tiles up.
That's right, a good old-fashioned garden spade :o)
If you don't want to go through all that................. take up anything that will come up, then go over what's left with a "high-build" type of floor leveller such as this ........

It's generally regarded to be a better job if the floor can be cleared completely though. If Trimesaurus (spelling?) is around later he might tell you what he would do as a tiler.
I just did a Marmoleum floor .. and there were two layers underneath .. Termoplastic and cork on blackjack onto screed.15 minutes they were all off to a pretty clean screed.
You need to hire a Medium Breaker and a Tile Remover Blade (like a big 6" scraper blade)
Easy and quick to do. About £50-60.

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