Why is Sir mark thatcher a sir? is the title inherited?
19:33 Wed 25th Aug 2004
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I think I heard on the radio today that he inherited it from his father who died last year.
Dear, oh, dear.
My first thought was 'How on earth...?' before I realised it came via his father as greenfingers said.
Mrs T had the Queen ennoble (if that's the right word) Dennis with a Baronetcy (hereditary Knighthood) so everone would be calling her heirs Sir. It's a rare honour (most Knighthoods aren't inherited), but not that rare.
Of course his full title is now Sir Mark Thatcher prisoner 91664096
Prisoner? The man hasn't even been convicted of a crime. Whatever your opinions of him (and mine are pretty low), have some respect for the principle of innocent until proven guilty.
Slimjim you're right. Let me rephrase it as Sir Mark Thatcher allegedly under arrest and helping the police with their enquiries but not yet charged or convicted of anything and most likely completely innocent of any wrongdoing.
Mark Thatcher, gluttonous provider of military weapons and chemical weapons through Cardoen,as is well established, bully, grasping capitalist,loathsome standover man, one of the worlds lesser persons a knight!!..pull the other one!!For WHAT!!...if he's a knight so also should be Hannibal Lector. cheers
humming bird - calm down the man was probably only trying to earn a crust like the rest of us capitalists. maybe he is one of the illuminati.
Hi archie, oh mitred one, son of the cloth.. (might I be so bold??) ..why calm down???..I think its a serious matter pretty much...Mark Thatcher is not some sort of innocent mail order arms trader. He was on the way up to the big bos...He was able to seriously threaten a major Israeli intelligence officer and make it work.That takes background. (By the way, if we want to play intellectual games I am ok with that old mate, you won't find me unable to stay with the subject whatever it is..) . Alan Bond, the corrupt Australian/Pommie was also involved with Cardoen (heard of it??). Illuminati??..if you read my works you'd see that there is considerable confusion over whether the "illuminati" is "a" group, "several" groups or a series of "chapters". As a competent business man I am well aware that changes don't just "happen" like leaves falling from the trees in Autumn. Background like our century has some significant streams. Mark Thatcher...seriously dangerous.His mother..;very seriously dangerous but differently, he was a parasite who fed off her contacts ..why dangerous ??..because a lot of voting people find their impotence corrected by these psychotic public figures and go with them when "Nationalism" raises its ugly head calling itself "Patriotism". When Thatcher signed over the Falklands to Argentina, for example, after her incompetence, deaths galore, brave SAS lads slotted, after military incompetences, one can only ask "why did she not simply negotiate a price with Argentina at the outset and make a quid??..why ?,..weapons dealers, incompetents, psychotic needs to be "the boss"..who cares who dies so long as stuffed politicians like her get a buzz? Perhaps even the "illuminati" behind the scenes. I accept that limited minds cannot cope with grand conspiracies and that other neurotic minds are obsessed with;I am simply trying to make sense of it all and?? ..failing?...perhaps? Cheers
Hummingbird, what's the relationship between Alan Bond and Mark Thatcher? Any chance he was involved in the Equatorial Guinea plot?
"Thatcher signed over the Falklands to Argentina" No she didn't. It's still a British Territory.

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