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does anyone know anything about the blood group diet? my blood group is O rhesus negative. I am a vegetarian but having had a quick look at the book EAT RIGHT FOR YOUR TYPE it only mentions blood group O. is there any variations on the foods I can eat because I am rhesus negative? any good recipes out there?
16:18 Sat 26th Jan 2008
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As a vegetarian you wouldn't do well on the blood group diet as it recommends that blood group O should have a meat based diet..................its all rubbish anyway and most nutrition experts will tell you so.
It's all utter twaddle - the blood group diet restricts your intake of certain foods, therefore calories saved, therefore weight loss.

And as a veggie it's no go - the type O diet depends on you eating lots of protein in the form of lean meat.

If you are set on following the diet then choose the A type one. It doesn't matter that you are O but is a fairly healthy diet to follow if you want to lose weight and are vegetarian.

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What is the blood group diet?
What is the blood group diet?
Has anyone any knowledge of this, or tried it? I am group O which means I have to eat meat, which I hate! Bleargh!

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