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Hello all, Can anyone please tell me how I cook a silverside joint of beef, I've opened it, and there's no instructions and I don't own a cookery book, what do I set the oven at, and how long do I cook for, it is 2.515kg, and I want it to be medium, just a little pink in the middle, I've tried lots of sites, but the advice is so conflicting, some say 6 minutes a lb, and some say 20 minutes, and oven setting is variable too, and what should I season with, any help would be much appreciated ......Thank you
21:40 Tue 03rd Apr 2007
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I always unwrap the meat and leave it open on a plate in the fridge overnight, this drains off excess blood and makes it more tender. Pre-heat the oven to 180C and put some olive oil in a roasting tin in the oven. When oven is ready put the meat in and baste it. I would give it 20mins per pound plus 20mins for medium. Baste every half an hour or so and make sure you leave it to rest for about 30mins before you carve it. Enjoy
Silverside lends it self to long slow cooking and if cooked to remain a little pink will probably be extremely chewy. It's great pot roasted, put in a casserole dish with sliced onion,carrot, celery and some water ( few inches in the bottom) and cook in a slow oven gas mark 3 or 160 elecric for a few hours.
Although you will not get you pink beef what you will get will be tender and tasty.
If you want a cut for roasting go for sirloin or best of all rib.
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Thank you jostar and mimi22 for taking the time to help me, lots of tips from both of you, I have a better understanding now of what I have to do. Happy Easter to both of you

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