How to cook a Cockatiel for a Christmas Dinner

He's noisy - he's raucous - he vandalises the home - thinks he's a fruit bat - hurls low flying turds at anyone - chats everyone up in a very suggestive and lewd manner and he's driving me and the dog nuts. Do any of you have a good cockatiel recipe and I'll deal him on the 25th.
13:49 Tue 12th Dec 2006
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Cockatiel stew. You will have to make a stew because there wont be a lot of meat on to work with. 1 lb carrots, 1 large onion, 2 celery sticks, small turnip.......I would make this boxing day let him have his xmas first you`ll feel better.
Ah, zimzam, he sounds just like my granda!!!

Don't cook him, I'll take him, he can keep granda company.

Now that my friend, made me laugh out loud....nice one
warpig1 - what's wrong with your grandad!!!! or have I got wrong end of stick.??

This has made me laugh - I'd love your cockatiel at my house send him round!!!

Athley, will you take Granda too?
Question Author
*sigh* will someone somewhere take a few grandas and give me a cockatiel recipe - stew, baked, fried or boiled? i have only one recipe so far and am a bit bothered about the quantity of carrots.
Yes put them both in a crate and ship them round!!!

I'd say roughly the same cooking time as a medium sized kitten

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