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I am going to make a quiche and I read on the internet that somone reccomended that to bake blind instead of using baking beads is to use coins. Something to do with the metal flan tin and the coins making the pastry crisper. Has anyone tried this, and also how do I *sterilise* the coins to use them.
14:43 Tue 27th Sep 2011
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I would have thought that if coin shaped/weighted disks were better then beads for blind baking, the shops would have been selling them for years.

I guess whatever is used to sterilise babies' bottles etc, could be used to sterilise coins.
I use about 3 or 4 teaspoons spaced out on top of pierced baking parchment ..
I just use some ordinary boxed peas (the ones you soak overnight). I use them again and again - they're rock hard now!
The thought of coins-sterilised or not-coming in contact with food,is rather off-putting to say the least.
Why not line the pastry case with cling film, then fill it with rice, then you close the cling film around the rice and bake in the usual manner. I've seen lots of tv cooks do this seems to work quite well.
and the clingfilm doesn't melt at all?

I generally use peas, dried, from the box. mine are also rock hard =)
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Thanks for your replies. I think I shall buy a box of dried peas, as the Old Geezer said - if this was recommended they would be selling metal discs in the shops by now.
I have a completely different method I put a slightly smaller baking tin into the pastry lined dish with a layer of baking parchment in between the heat from the inner dish makes for a much crisper flan case and you can put anything you like into it as a weight if you still feel you need to as there is no chance of it coming into contact with the pastry I don't bother but my tins are fairly substantial

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