What is the best Pancake filling?

It is Pancake Day! (Or "Shrove Tuesday") What will you be having on your pancakes tonight? Please tick all that apply. If you have any better ideas, post them below!

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A. Sugar
29.17% (21 votes)
B. Lemon Juice
27.78% (20 votes)
C. Golden Syrup
13.89% (10 votes)
D. Maple Syrup
9.72% (7 votes)
E. Ice-cream
4.17% (3 votes)
F. Cherries/Blueberries/Raspberries
4.17% (3 votes)
G. Bananas
4.17% (3 votes)
H. Savoury (Bacon, sausages etc)
4.17% (3 votes)
I. Cream (includes double/single/clotted)
2.78% (2 votes)

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Lemon juice and sugar have to go together - nobody could have lemon by itself , could they ?
Hmmm Im quite partial to lemon juice and honey.
I could pericat as i have lemon juice on nearly all of my food!
noodles, crunchy bean sprouts & prawns - all fried & drizzled with sweet chilli sauce
Sugar and lemon juice is traditional for pancakes. If you want a a savoury one then it could be one filled with laverbread....What's Laverbread!!??... It's a welsh delicacy that made from Seaweed and in appearance looks like as if it's been made from a cow-pat.......Ron
I'm going to have Nutella with banana on top on mine! Yum!
Grand Marnier ..hwa hwa hwa !
maple syrup, banana and squirty cream....yummy made american style with blueberries dropped in while they are cooking and served with maple syrup
I usually have lemon and sugar but I decided on a change this year and had nuttella and vanilla ice cream.

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