Apricot Nectar

I have an American recipe which calls for "apricot nectar".

  1. What is it?
  2. Where can I get it?
  3. Can you suggest a suitable substitute??!

Be grateful for any help so I can cook "Beef Marrakesh"!


10:15 Wed 10th Nov 2004
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this is just a guess, but I would guess at it either being apricot juice - you could get it from a tin of apricots in their own juice. 
or perhaps you could get some dried apricots, re-hydrate them and juice them ?


It's Apricot juice:




I was just going to suggest it was apricot brandy -- but come to think of it, that might be quite good too...


It's made the same way as sloe gin:

  • Fill jar with fruit (dryish or chopped up)
  • Fill the spaces with spirit to the top.
  • Pour in sugar so it fills the spaces to about a third of the way up.
  • Seal, and turn daily for a month or two.
  • Strain out the fruit and bottle.  Eat the fruit...
  • Two weeks later, make some more, as you will have drunk it by now.

Any spirit will do, and it can be done with sloes, bullaces, dried plums, apricots, cherries, green walnuts etc.  Or even the tender young shoots of fruit trees such as plum or blackthorn (sloe).


If the fruit is too wet and too large it can ferment instead.  It does not work without plenty of sugar.

It's quite a thick apricot juice.  You could just puree a tin of apricots in natural juice and you'd get the same result. 

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