sunday lunch

I am getting fed up with thinking what have for sunday lunch any ideas it must be tasty,
12:54 Wed 08th Apr 2009
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A nice bit of belly pork- crackling is ultra crackly!

I like this recipe: oked-belly-of-pork-with-caramelised-shallots

Very nice with a spiced red cabbage side dish and either baby jersey roals boiled or roasted with fresh rosemary and garlic.
theme it go italain,spanish, malaysian, etc etc
I did a massive pan of chicken and chorizo stew last weekend and served with lots of crusty bread and fresh greens smothered in butter.

Just let everyone get it themselves, they loved it and it was dead easy.
If you would like a roast but do something interesting with the meat joint try Kleftiko, a Greek dish.

Take a leg or shoulder of lamb (or half leg/shoulder). Make slits in the top and push in slivers of garlic.

Put a little olive oil and lemon juice in a bowl. Add some dried oregano and rub the mixture into the top of the lamb.

Wrap the whole lot in two layers of foil, stand in a roasting tin and bake in a low/medium (about 150C) oven for about 5 hours. The lamb will taste lovely and garlicky and will be so tender that you can separate it with two forks, in the same way as cooked fish. The more garlic the better.

This is also nice with red onion and butternut squash pilaf.

Just put it in the oven and forget about it.
How about trying some of the old English dishes like Stewed Oxtail, or Lancashire hotpot or a good old Steak and kidney pudding or pie, or shin beef stew. Or get a nice gammon or bacon joint, boiled in a good vegetable packed stock and serve with butterbeans and carrots?
check out Tamarai restaurant in central London
Too much advertising tsang!
Or go to a carvery - let someone else cook, and it will be better just for that reason.

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