I'm cooking butter chicken for dinner tonight and the sauce requires dried fenugreek leaves. I don't have any and I'm housebound at present. I do keep a wide variety of herbs and spices. Can anyone recommend an alternative to fenugreek please?
10:59 Tue 27th Jan 2009
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2 tbsp chopped tender fenugreek leaves (there is no good alternative for fenugreek leaves, but if you can�t find them, then use some finely chopped dill)

Found this on google3...hope it helps! Good luck. xx
I use tarragon in my sauce for chicken. Have used dried tarragon and it worked.
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Many thanks to both of you. What would we do without AB?
Fenugreek substitution
For the seeds, substitute 1 tsp fenugreek seeds with 1 tsp yellow mustard seeds.

For the leaves, substitute 1 Tbs chopped fresh fenugreek leaves with:

1 tsp dried fenugreek leaves
1 Tbs chopped fresh Chinese celery leaves
1 Tbs chopped frehsh celery leaves
1 Tbs chopped watercress leaves
Fenugreek, if being used for cooking, has a sweet flavor. It is used in artifical maple flovoring. I think it has an odor like maple syrup, but is also close to fennel bulb and seed.

More info off the net!

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Brilliant, I have fennel, celery and maple syrup in the fridge. Many thanks
U r welcome...how was it in the end?? x
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Mr thug really enjoyed it so the extra portion has gone into the freezer for when he's home alone next month. I thought it could do with a bit of an extra kick. I may add a touch more salt next time too. I will make it again though as it was a change from my usual repertoire. I have a whole bookcase full of cookery books from all over the world and I was delving on Monday and found an Indian cookery book that I'd forgotten about. I like to surprise!

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