cooking beef silverside joint in the slow cooker

I would like to cook our beef for Christmas in the slow cooker as I've read that it cooks really well. Any ideas how long I should cook a 2 kg joint for? I was planning to half cover with stock and turn half way through cooking.Thanks in advance.
12:06 Sun 21st Dec 2008
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It really depends on the shape of the joint how long it needs but I never turn mine. It also depends how pink you like your meat. I do mine for about 4 hours but arrived at this by trial and error to get it cooked just how I like it (pink but not bloody).
A drop of red wine in the stock gives good flavour.
unless you prefer it on the rare side it wont spoil however long you cook it for, Im now going to take a joint of topside out thats been on just under 5 hours.
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Thank-you for your answers. What setting do you use?. I think I have high, low and auto on my slow cooker.
that all depends! if i think i may well leave it on longer than perhaps is necessary then i would use low. Probably cant go wrong with auto - incidently i dont put any stock in with it. If im cooking beef i quarter 3 or 4 onions and chuck in but that is all. It does look 'dry' for a while but soon makes some juices of its own. I make my gravy in the slow cooker once ive taken the meat out to rest - i add the veg juices that collect in the bottom of my steamer as a base with the juices from the meat. Also it keeps the gravy piping hot should anyone need any more during the meal.

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