difference between ham and gammon?

what the difference between ham and gammon?

I'd like to cook a roast (ham or gammon) to serve Xmas day for 6. Whats a good size? Whats a good method of cooking.

I think I might cook it the day before and either serve it cold on the day or maybe reheat it gently?

thanks in advance as always
19:43 Wed 10th Dec 2008
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Hi evedawn.....apparently a gammon is raw, whereas a ham is cooked.

here is a site with several cooking methods-
http://www.accessentertainment.co.uk/Eatingin/ Recipes/Gammonjoint.htm
I always boil the joint first,then roast it . I score the fat and smother it in a mixture of honey and mustard. If I were you I would most likely opt for a joint weighing approx 6lbs...then you should have some left for sandwiches on Boxing day-yum!!
I never bother boiling first - I just cover the scored skin in black treacle and roast. If you don't want any left, I normally opt for 1/2lb per person. But pasta is the lady to ask about food!!!
PS-you could try brown sugar instead of the honey.
I boil mine first as well,score, spread with honey then stick a few cloves on.
Oh yum! I love a ham at christmas.
I boil mine 1st the score the fat and smother on mustard and marmalade mixture. It all slides off in the oven so I just keep spooning it back on. The fat goes all sticky and sweet and frankly not much of it stays on long enough to reach the table when it comes out! Cooks perks and all that!!
my mum cooks hers in cola!!!! and it tastes lovely
evedawn---why don't you do a little one before the day........and invite us all to try it out-lol!
As the learned Pastafreak says, gammon is raw & salted to preserve it. So I always soak it for 24 hrs (particularly if a smoked one) to reduce the salt content, particularly if I`m casseroling it.
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Thank you - ALL!!!

As always AB has been very helpful. And of course I was HOPING PAsta would reply cos found her (or his?) responses great in the past.

As for doing a small one first...good idea PAsta.....dunno if it'll feed ALL the ab'ers I'd want to invite over though :-)

(PS - we'll be out tomorrow so doing Sundays traditional roast TONIGHT) ... doing Roast beef which I have soaked in red wine, red wine vinegar, nutmeg, crumbled bay leaves
overnight. Gonna cook it reeeeeaaaalll slow and hope it's tender....will let you know if it turns out ok....if not i'll be back on here to ask for advice.
Question Author
ps - sorry i've been slow to say "thanks" to y'all - i've not had a chance to be on AB over the past few days.
Trust the British to get it right :o) Media URL: http://www.britishbacon.com/gammon.htm
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