watery quiche

why does my quiche always turn out to be watery, even though it's well cooked?
18:31 Thu 01st May 2008
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What are you putting in it ?...sometimes, if you put uncooked mushrooms in there, they will release too much water and i presume the egg mix is just pure eggs...no milk or water added ?
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Usually just 3 eggs, 3/4 pt milk and grated cheese with a little mustard.
Perhaps it's the milk .. it can separate and go watery .. ..use cream ..not so healthy but it will set firm .
Use less milk - is it whole milk, or semi, etc? Use more egg or more cheese. Personally I would use less milk. You could experiment with cooking slower (ie longer) at a lower heat, or shorter at a higher heat.
Did we forget to switch on the oven?
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MISTER Veritas thats just silly - dont be so sexist - do you even know what an oven is ???
Thanks all for the other answers - I am using semi skimmed milk - but will definately try cream instead - you can get low fat fake cream to cook with, dont know why I never thought of it before - and yes perhaps I am cooking on to high a heat (200�C) as well - so will take all suggestions on board and thanks so much for your help
You just need a dash of milk or cream...i don't use any at all just like i don't when i make scrambled eggs
At the risk of being branded a food snob, I would suggest it may be the eggs .... try some barn or organic, and I bet your quiche will set better...... son't know the science bit though!

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