What is a Hulat?

There is a pub in Leeds called the Three Hulats. What is (or was) a Hulat?
17:57 Thu 29th Jul 2004
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I do know its a surname, never heard it used in another sense tho.
Out of interest, where in Leeds is that pub? It's a fantastic name.
If it were 'Hulans', that would mean 'lancers'. 'The Three Lancers' has much the same ring to it as 'The Three Musketeers', I'd say! Are you sure the latest sign-painter didn't muck things up?
Headtime - it's in Chapel Allerton at the bottom of Harrogate Road.
Ahhh thanks Lodekka, I'll look out for it next time I'm in Leeds. Is it a dive or a good pub?
J D Wetherspoon's own site lists this as the Three Hullats, oddly. Hullat seems to indicate an Arab rank of some sort.
The Three Hulats is my local and inside, it features boards with various info about the local area, including a photo of Harrogate Road when there was a chapel in Chapel Allerton. One of the boards explains that a Hulat is a baby owl. JD Weatherspoons have updated their site and the name is now correct. The Hulats is primarily a *cheap* pub, as all Weatherspoons are. If you are a bitter drinker they have loads of guest ales. They also have Beer and a Burger for around �3.30. If you are a student or a slightly strange old man you will fit right in...
The pub was once owned by the Savile family (Earl of Mexborough), and a hulat or owl was on their coat-of-arms.
Verified by a sign inside the pub on my first visit Sunday 6/4

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