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Calorie content of J2O

I've done a great deal of fruitless searching (starting with the label on the bottle and finishing with Google and Copernic) - does anyone know the calorie content of Britvic Orange and Cranberry J2O?
22:51 Sat 10th Jan 2004
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Very high. Its one of those marketing tricks where as its 'Fruit Juice' we all have the impression its good for us. Its possibly better than a pint of beer but they are also full of sugar. Sorry don't have any figures which I quess is really what you want but its alot. Also consider this a pint of Orange Juice has more calories than a pint of beer.
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Cheers(!), BadBob - I had a feeling that the answer would not be good, for exactly the reason you give ie sugar. Hubby is trying to diet and give up alcohol simultaneously, and finding it very difficult...
For those of you who are Slimming World members: this drink is 7 sins.
Each bottle contains 132 calories (see www.weightlossresources.co.uk for reference.

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