Can I send chocolate to New Zealand by post?

I was going to send my ex-pat friend some Brit chocolate but a few people have told me there are restrictions on what you can send over. Does anyone know if it is ok to send this sort of thing? I haven't a clue!
Thanks in advance to all repliers.
15:45 Tue 21st Nov 2006
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Hi, My bofriends parents are in Newzealand and sent chocolate over to here, and thats fine.. i think the best thing to do would be to go to your local Post Office and ask them.
i think there will be some restrictions but i think choc. should be okay but just double check :-)
ive sent it before, and people on ebay send sweets worldwide

you are not aloud to send anyhting that has been grown though, fruit veg meat,

batteries anything in powder or liquid form, anything explosive, anything with a blade, anything thats already illegal...

chocolate isnt exactly a weapon of mass destruction

No problem sending chocolate but if it's just ordinary stuff I wouldn't bother. NZ is full of Cadbury's and Nestle and you can buy Green and Blacks in Auckland.
Gef - you obviously havent tasted the chocolate over her. It is definately not the same as home.

The only problem I can forsee with sending chocolate is that we are now coming into summer and it may melt a bit before it get to its destination.

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