Corn Digestion

Is it true the body doesn't digest corn and if so is it the same for popcorn, cornflakes etc. If this is the case does the body takre any calories from this food and if so how?
10:42 Thu 03rd Apr 2003
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I always thought the only 'natural' thing the body couldn't digest were tomato seeds. This is why the waste from filter beds at sewage works is covered in tomato plants (if you happen to know where it gets dumped!)
tomato skins.
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Pardon the graffic nature of this but I know Sweetcorn is completely digested cos it's there at the other end.. if you know what I mean ;o)... Still interested to know how the cals are absorbed? Thanks for the contributions.
Off the top of my head, c orn has both digestible and indigestible components. It is not a complete source of protein for humans. Missing lysine. The indigestible parts are composed of cellulose, cellulose like compounds and lignin.Fiber, which though indigestible promotes health . Europeans called animal feed corn. Perhaps this is the source of the myth of indigestibility. Some corn is very hard and better for animal feed. An enzyme may be added to corn silage so that even the indigestible parts becoming digestible. revery: In Oregon when the high sun sugared up the raw corn, we ate it greedily, like warm candy, from the stalk
I think you misunderstand digestion. If its still there at the other end it hasn't been digested has it - its passed through without being digested at all. However as not all of it appears at the other end, well in my case anyway, some of it has been digested. My guess is if you have chewed it properly and broken down the outer skin at that point then it will be at least partly digested, if not it will sail through and go gracefully off to join the tomato plants at the sewage works

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