Whats the best Rice you can eat - the best for you? wholesome rice - Brown Rice? Wild Rice ? thanks

Hi Ab'ers Whats the best Rice you can eat - the best for you - wholesome rice - Brown Rice? Wild Rice ? Brown Brown Rice?..just a bit confused thanks in advance AB'ers..
21:41 Sat 28th Jan 2006
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I'd say brown rice as it's more nutritious. It takes longer to cook.

Wild rice isn't a rice, it's a grass but it's very tasty if not a bit expensive.

Wholemeal rice is best for you-like bread.
I read that short grain brown rice is more nutritious..

UK Rice Association site here: http://www.riceassociation.org.uk/index.htm Lots of info and should answer queries, plus recipes to try.

White rice is polished, so the coloured tend to be better for you as less of the 'skin' is removed so more of the fibre, vitamins, minerals, etc. are present if you eat the coloured ones - red, green, black or brown. Wild rice is as stated grass, but treat the same as rice grain.

Try adding other grains to rice for a bit of variety like barley or millet. Don't mix arborio rice with short grain, or pudding rice with long grain, as they all tend to need different cooking times for the best results.

At the tip of the grain of rice is the "germ" that starts growing. This is rich in protein and oils. Brown rice, or unpolished rice, (same thing) only has the shell removed. Everything else is there. White rice has the shell and the 'skin' removed as well as the germ so really only starch is left. Most of the fibre, vitamins, minerals, protein, oil, etc is removed, so it is less healthy.

There is also semi-polished rice. With some types of red rice, you can see that it is not completely red and some white grain is visible. This means that only part of the skin has been removed.

I like Basmati rice best of all. It's got a lovely, nutty flavour. Don't know whether it's particularly good, or bad, for you, though.
Brown rice - without a doubt.

"Crazy Jack's Long Grain Brown Rice" is excellent.

If you can't get used to the taste of brown rice, and can only eat white rice, stick to Basmati.

If you see the word "American" (eg long grain rice) - don't buy it - the Americans didn't get to be that size by eating brown rice or basmati rice!

Brown rice as will notice when you cook it, its rather mushy na has an uneven surface, brown rice is meant to be best, not just because its obviously healthier being brown, but its meant to clear debris out of the intestinal tract aswell, its drags it through your system through your colon and then obviously you pass it.

Call it a healthy, more attractive form of colonic irrigation !

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