Herring milts

Bought some herring milts on a whim and discovered they were the 'reproductive organs of fish containing reproductive fluid'. Nice.

So the question is now that that I've bought my fish sp*nk does anyone know any good recipes for it.

16:48 Wed 14th Sep 2005
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pull off any bits of membrane and rinse in cold water gently dust lightly in seasoned flour, then shallow fry gently in a mixture of butter and oil till coating is golden. Drain, dress with lemon juice or vinegar and pepper, a little salt if you like and enjoy. Nice served on hot toast

alternatively search on "recipes for soft herring roes" and here's a http://www.foodtv.ca/recipes/recipedetails/recipe_3944.asp

posh one to start you off

My neighbour buys them she boils them in with a knob of butter in salted water and eats them on toast .
Or apparantley you can toss them in seasoned flour and fry them yum yum !!!!!! not!

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