I was never a great fan of it,thought it was strong and mushy, but i ate it every now again, as i knew it was good for me,but now its a passion in salads, with red onions and lovely cherry toms, and a flavoursome dressing, anyone else like it or loathe it?
23:47 Thu 29th Mar 2012
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Love it and watercress.
Can't recall ever having it.
I have not knowingly eaten it.
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Love poached eggs florentine
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Struggle to get watercress around here, would love to make soup with it
Love it. Always have done.
I used to hate it until I tried it in salmon lasagne and then with mushrooms. So long as it's not on its own I like it.
I put it in everything I can, but I especially love it wilted down in a pan of garlicky oil and mushrooms.
I like it
Sag Paneer is lovely.
I love it. Especially as sag paneer or sag aloo. Or with creme fraiche, cream cheese and toasted pine kernels as a pasta sauce.
When I make shepherds pie I put a layer of spinach (uncooked) in the bottom of the dish then put the meat (with onions, carrots and mushrooms) on top then the mashed potatoes on top of the meat. Does add to the flavour.

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