Scottish Cheese???

Well, I don't know much about Scottish cheese. But ...

Last time I was at La Fromagerie, I bought some cheese called LANARK BLUE.

OMG ... it is totally awesome!

And, get this ... one of the first blue, British ewes' milk cheeses to have been produced in Britain since the Middle Ages.

I'd never thought of Scotland as a cheesey country, but I might have to explore a bit more.

So if anyone North of the border (ie from St Albans upwards) can recommend any good local cheeses, then ... gimme gimme gimme !!!!!
19:07 Wed 08th Feb 2012
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and a beautiful city, full of history etc.....

"The only problem is the people living there," the saying goesof Edinburgh.

Or is that Paris?

Should have seen what Alan Coren had to say of Glaswegians and living in Edinburgh.....

Just joking as to the resident reference, mazie; I do like Edinburgh!
I love Edinburgh and the people and the CHEESE
The University of Washington's Dairy Cheddar is a stupendous cheese, so if the Barbers' out-strips that, it must be good; however, this so-called publicity does smack of American hyperbole though.....
Sooo many memories of waking up hungover in the Caledonian Hotel.

Absolutely no memory of what led to the hangover though :-/
Question Author
I can't pick a best answer, they are all fab.

But then ... no one ever does, do they.
oooooooo...yeah!"s all the rage!
hi mazie x
Simon Macdonalds smokehouse produced a smoked soft cheese rolled in oats. It won best cheese in a taste off betweem England and France a few years ago. It is worth a google as they do loads of other stuff and deliver as quick as the post office can get to you

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