So did anyone watch...

and participate in 'Gordon's Christmas Cook-A-Long' ? If so how did it go ?
17:07 Mon 26th Dec 2011
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He could have done without the 'guests' behind him ... what was the point of the two out of the Seven Dwarves ?
It got boring for me within the first few minutes, so didn't watch till the end
Very boring, Gordon skipping along to the fridge and back. Didn't stay the course.
I didn't watch in case he sweareded....I don't like him anyway....he's too big for his boots...well that's if he wears 'em.
Couldn't be bothered to watch,don't like him.
OH is just watching the football results, it's the first time the TV's been on over the last two days.
Did my cooking with no need for help from Gordon. As I said elsewhere on AB - if I saw yet another TV programme telling me how to cook a turkey or do roast potatoes this Christmas, I'd be calling the Samaritans!
Ditto CatGirl4

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