bakewell tart

huge argument last night

i think its a round tart like thing made with jam and an almond filling, fatty says its jam and sponge with and icing top to it with "brown lines drawn through the icing"

i've googled it and got bakewell tarts, pudding and cherry bakewells but nothing like he describes but he is adamant hes right

anyone shed any light on this?
10:40 Tue 20th Dec 2011
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Think you're both right- just variations of the same thing.

Incidentally, I don't like em.
thats good, more for me then ;)
lol yes, im not a fan of almond, so more for you- i'll just have everything else ;-)
Based on that snippet of news^.....I think we may see an increase in the amount of almond-based confection around AnswerBank.....:oP
hey now!

mr kipling and lyons make the one fatty describes, but they isn't trad like proper ones.
Bakewell from Bakewell,..looks like your first description..warm in oven brfore serving.with custard or ice-cream.
The seconds like MrKiplings attempt at Bakewell tart..ok,but not as nice
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cheers ears, i have been wiki'ing but couldn;t find one that corresponded with fatty
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aha sorry ankou & zhukov, i think that's what's he on e about

damn i have to admit he's right now, sort off ish

not proper bakewell though so he's wrong

(i hate them too, anythign with jam in it is wrong and weirdly i can pick the almonds of the top and eat them but the almond filling i can;t stand...)
ooooo...........*Loads* of almond-based confection will be winging its way round AB!!!!

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i loke g&B almond choc, that's lush, you can keep the marzipan
I remember a radio programme that contained an item about Bakewell tarts. It seems that even the inhabitants of Bakewell can't agree on how they should be made.
Wasn't that woman who got murdered there a few years ago described as the 'Bakewell tart'.....................
OOOhhh Craft you are naughty!
Bakewell Tart and Bakewell Pudding are two entirely different things. The tart is made with shortcrust pastry, with a thin layer of jam, topped with an almond flavoured sponge and usually icing on the top served cold.
The pudding is more localised to the Bakewell area, and is usually a flaky type pastry. again with a thin layer of jam, but covered in a topping more like an almond egg custard texture. This is best served warm.
Both utterly delicious!!!
I want a tart now!
You sound raring to go Chuck.
Question Author
you called?
And that has killed this thread Chuck!!! :D

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