Vegetable Shortening

I have looked locally for this but no one sells it, can anyone help in where I can find some.
05:45 Thu 08th Dec 2011
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Have had a quick look, Amazon seem to sell it, free UK delivery.
Trex is vegetable shortening

You can buy Crisco on eBay - 2 tins for a tenner. Free delivery. Crisco is American
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Thanks guys, have found out asda sell trex :)
All supermarkets do =)
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Local Sainsburys dont sell it, now I have a name I will have to try the rest of the supermarkets
Cookeen is another brand name you could find. I saw it in my local Sainsburys on Tuesday.
It's not a huge seller in my local Morrisons, always some on the shelf, luckily for me =)

What are you baking?
just top n tail them, hey presto, shorter vegetables
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Found Trex in tesco, now I have to find Dried Milk Powder (full cream) nearest stockist iv found is 50 miles away bit of a journey!
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Thanks to every1 for the help, never thought of doing that chillwalk,going to make homemade chocolate ojread2, my local sainsburys only sells lard not cookeen.
mmmm home made chocolate, yummy

Dried milk powder should be pretty easy to find - Marvel is the brand name easily available
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Had to buy Marvel but its made from skimmed milk, recipe asks for full cream, but il try it anyway and see how it works out.
There's this on eBay - or Amazon is even bigger pack @ £22
OOps forgot the link ... the stuff's called Nido - it's by Nestle
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can you print the link please venator

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