Crab sticks/ Ocean sticks

Does anyone know what these are made from, and are they cooked or raw please?
23:29 Fri 14th Oct 2011
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Just read my pack in fridge and made from surimi
easier to just read this
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Oh dear Ummm, that looks awful - yet they were so tasty :(
I have a crab stick salad most days
They ain't made from top quality fish meat or crabs. Just like dog and cat food have no real meat in them! It's from the left overs,skin and flesh scrapings off the poor quality fish all mushed together and compressed with a red food die in them to make them look more tasty.
They're made from leftover fishy bits, flavoured crabby - but they are delish, I love them in salad, or a wrap, or a in roll with mayo. Yum, I could eat one now.
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I like seafood sticks. They're low fat as well.
They are not as nice as they used to be....

They are not allowed to be called 'crab' sticks anymore....but why can a Chinese sell crab & sweetcorn soup...but use Ocean sticks?
Came across these in the US, but haven't seen them in the UK...
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I have seen those pretend prawns in supermarkets here but I never fancied trying them. Crab sticks are the fish equivalent of hot dogs, basically made from all the bits you'd chuck in the bin, but I'd be more likely to eat them than hot dogs.
I won't eat a hot dog, but I'll aways eat a crab stick, whatever it's called!
I would choose a hotdog over a crabstick any day of the week... with onions, red sauce and squeezy yellow mustard that isn't really mustard as I know it... mmmmm.

I find crabsticks a bit boring tasting.
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I really want a crab stick and salad cream sandwich now.

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