brita water filter cartridge - first use turned vodka it safe to use?

apparently you are supposed to swill the cartridge in water before first use...i didnt do that, and now the vodka has a grey tinge...

is it still ok to drink?

21:58 Wed 27th Jul 2011
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The first load of water through always has a grey tinge to it, and they advise you to throw the first couple of jugsful away.

I wouldn't risk it myself.

(Why are you adding water to Vodka?)
A small amount of activated carbon has escaped - completely harmless.
Each time you use a new cartridge you are supposed to submerge the new cartridge in water whilst gently shaking it, I presume to get rid of air bubbles and then fill the jug up and let it filter through twice and discard the water, you can use the water filtered on the 3rd filling. Personally I wouldn't risk using it as it has made vodka go grey :(
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just looked on britas page - they say its safe, just unnatractive so some peopl prefer to use to wayer plants etc...

im not adding filtering the vodka...removes impurities and lessens the hangover...
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cheers all
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i suppose if it was dangerous there would be more of warning on the pack anyway surely
joko: there is nothing in the cartridge that IS dangerous.
You are filtering vodka with a water filter?
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...and if you do need to remove impurities, you'd be better off buying some activated carbon aka activated charcoal.
I'm curious....never heard that one before?
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i was told about it and theres lots online about it, many say it works...thought id try it...what harm can it do? ...except 'unnatractive' vodka...
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er...why...this is smirnoff...are you suggesting some vodkas dont give hangovers at all?
I have some friends that swear cheap vodka gives hangovers and insist on only drinking smirnoff.
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Lol....They might have something better than a Brita water filter as well.

Do you think you're wasting your time joko?
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probably reducing hangovers by removing some of that nasty ethanol.

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