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I got a new ceramic hob 3 mths ago. Instructions are not to use an abrasive cleaner to clean same which i have not used. However ther are a number of marks on the hob which are unsightly, some are disclouration marks, the surface is rough around some of the rings.

Has anyone had a similar experience?
13:16 Mon 04th Apr 2011
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Try using a cleaner specially for ceramic hobs, available in all the supermarkets. You will find it takes off the marks and any rough bits, which are probably just normal spillage from pots and pans.
I've a ceramic hob.I use Cif and a scourer then my metal fish slice (of all things!!) on the really stubborn bits ,very gently. You can also use one of those window scraper things with a blade in. The top is just glass so it's just like getting dried paint off a window. I've just done my friend's halogen hob the same way (I'm house sitting for her) Looks like new. I've tried Hob Brite and it's rubbish. Whatever you use just do it gently and it'll be fine.
I must admit one of those stainless steel scratchy things works very well and doesn't do any damage, but I have found the purpose made creams are very good.
I have to use Bosch approved hob cleaner, else my warranty is invalid.
Whoops Lottie,maybe my elbow grease wasn't working that day :)
Craft,they're a bit strict aren't they! Luckily my dear dad sells kitchen stuff so he's my warranty. Mine's a Bosch too.Great stuff.
My dear old cooker kicked the bucket last week!! I am struggling with one ring on a ceramic hob until the new one is delivered. I don't think I killed it with the hob cleaner though!!
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Thank you all for your help. Much appreciated.
I use a product called Astonish on my glass hob, works well for cleaning the oven and glass oven door. Its non abrasive so can be used on any surface.

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