Balsamic vinegar.

Can anyone recommend a good one,usually stay away from anything vinegary but we were in a restaurant the other night and my plate was (decorated for want of a better word )with balsamic vinegar and it was absolutely gorgeous. Not bothered about the cost just would like to buy a good one.
18:37 Mon 21st Mar 2011
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Belazu is pretty good and readily available in most supermarkets.

The best mass market one I've come across is a Waitrose own label. It is in a tall slim bottle and about £15.
i've bought all kinds of balsamic vinegar and to be honest, unless you're an expert it's difficult to tell the cheap from the expensive so i'd recommend that initially you buy whatever your local supermarket happens to stock, even their own brand, and go on from there. as you've realised, balsamic vinegar and bog standard malt vinegar are miles and miles apart :)
a local eatery makes a lovely dressing with balsamic vinegar and sugar, reduced down till it's syrupy. making me drool just thinking about it ...
I used to run and buy for a deli and tasted loads of balsamics. The very best one we sold was this one

It's about £20 but you only need a tiny drop.It lasts for ages and is worth every penny.Gorgeous.I was always amazed at how much we sold. Once a customer tried it they kept coming back for more.
I have a bottle of supermarket balsamic vinegar, and all I use it for is when I have a prawn salad. Not sure what else to use it with.
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Thats like what I had the other night ethandron,very syrupy and sweet,ooh god just fab.Thanks for the advice Eccles,will have alook next time I go to Hexham,thats where our nearest Waitrose is. Will do as you suggest ethandron and see what Morrison's and Tesco have in. Thanks.
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Can you only get it on line barb?
Most good delis should sell it. Just hard to say without knowing whereabouts you are. I would really recommend you try it. It's very thick and syrupy with a little sweetness. Not at all like supermarket rubbish.
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Thanks barb,daughter keeps asking me what I want for mother's day,I think I have found the perfect gift!
It's made by the Fresh Olive Company Here is the contact number. They should be able to give you your nearest stockist. Just ask for Balsamic Number 8! They do a number 3 and a number 5 too. The 5 is a mixture of the cheaper number 3 and the gorgeous number 8. Hope that helps. I did the job for 9 years so I'm sorry if I'm rambling!!
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Ramble all you like,its nice of you to bother.
No worries. I think I remember buying some for my step mum together with their lemon oil (which is also beautiful...for fish and salads) and she absolutely loved it too. Hope you get your Mothers Day pressie. Let me know if you remember!
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Will do, thanks again.
Not sure if they still do but Sainsburys used to stock balsamic glaze which was /is slighty thicker and sweeter
Try it with vanilla ice-cream
im thinking it may have been a balsamic glaze. most supermarkets sell them but lidl or aldi sell them too and its lovely and very reasonable. think you will find it in lidl by the mint sauce, apple sauce section.
barb's suggestion is available on Amazon
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Thanks all.
The thicker, sweeter version for "decorating" that I have is Balsamico Creme - it was very reasonable from Aldi.
Just reduce down a supermarket one to half its consistency. Job done.

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