Black wispy stuff in my olive oil...

I bought a bottle of olive oil at a food stall but it was very cold and the oil had solidified, which I know is normal. Once it warmed back up it cleared but at the bottom of the bottle, along with the normal sediment, there was some fine black sediment and wispy sediment in the oil in the bottle that doesn't seem to sink. The oil has a more bitter taste than when we tried a sample at the stall. My boyfriend thinks it's some nasty bacteria that formed since it un-solidified but I'm not so sure. Can we just filter this out using muslin or similar? I know the seller decants the oil from big metal containers. Could it be something to do with it? We are "foodies" but have never seen this before. Thanks for any advice.
22:05 Mon 17th Jan 2011
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I'd just get rid of it
The dark sediment is not uncommon in olive oil. It is actually made up of teensy-weensy pieces of olive that have passed through any filtering process. (Not all olive oil is filtered - so some may contain more dark sediment than others). As long as the oil doesn't taste sour or rancid, it'll be fine.

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