Surprise Peas

Whatever happened to Surprise Peas? Last seen by us in the early 90s, then suddenly they were no more.
The question was asked a couple of years ago, but didn't get an answer.
21:13 Mon 15th Sep 2008
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I've never heard of them. Did they jump out their pod shouting "surprise" while doing jazz hands?
Weren't they just dried peas ? I'm sure I've seen them recently in the supermarket (near the lentils and other dried pulses)... You have me intrigued now, I shall have to go pea hunting tomorrow !
lol @ lakitu
no they were frozen peas, remembering that they were one of the first products that i think birds eye advertised, hang on maybe wrong, cant think of any other frozen food manufacturer of that time!!!
My memory must be shot.... lol...

I've just come across this link in which (as Puddicat rightly says) Surprise Peas are shown as being frozen peas.... doh ! Now, what the heck am I thinking about for the dried peas ? I will still take a stroll down the supermarket aisles tomorrow, looking at the boxes of dried peas hehe... // ables-rang_tcm72-30409.jpg&imgrefurl=http://ww products/&h=110&w=125&sz=6&hl=en&start=11&um=1 &usg=__1TemioHgUNzoeTet4w2glqp4pmQ=&tbnid=SLS2 xTYmiqxD-M:&tbnh=79&tbnw=90&prev=/images%3Fq%3 Dsurprise%2Bpeas%26um%3D1%26hl%3Den%26safe%3Do ff%26sa%3DN

(scroll down to Vegetables....) Trouble is, I have no idea whether these are still available in the UK !
Does anyone remember those dried vegetables think they were called "swell", my mum used to put them in lentil soup,didnt have a fresh vegetable in it, the soup looked and smelled great but had no seasoning at all, tasteless, she used to take quite the hump when i critised it lol!!!
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Surprise Peas WERE dried peas, not frozen. Did you get anywhere in your search Jugglering?
I remember last seeing them in British supermarkets in the early 90s. It's strange that they seem to have disappeared completely, from people's memories too! Perhaps their demise is linked to the rise of Pot Noodles etc
i always remember them being dried peas and not frozen
Sorry about this but I remember the joke.....
Q.......What free gift do you get with suprise peas?
A........Wet legs

School girl humour and they were dried peas originally
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I had a look at the supermarket shelves yesterday - the box of dried peas I was thinking about are actually branded as *Leo Dried Peas* - here's a picture I've found - 65/ ... but I could have sworn they used to be called *Surprise Dried Peas* lol...

Here's a link to a recipe that definitely quotes Surprise Peas as being dried (

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I think we're getting closer. Leo are not the same, as Surprise Peas were 'instant' dried, and cooked in about 10 mins, whereas Leo have to be soaked overnight, hence the steeping tablet. I will pursue the link, as they may still be available in Australia,. I know of other products you can't get in the UK which still flourish over there, such as 'Milo' which was/is a malted chocolate drink no longer available in the UK. Thanks for your efforts. Watch this space!
I think they were fast dried and you
just poured hot water on them in
pot noodles ..and Vesta curry ..
LOL... Vesta curry !!!! hahaha.... I remember thinking (when my dad made this curry and actually added coconut and raisins) omg, this is going to be horrible.... lol... good job I don't eat meat (or that Vesta don't do a veggie curry).
They were terrific for campers and backpackers. Weighed very little, used very little fuel in cooking and tasted almost as good as frozen peas. They appear to be still available - in New Zealand!
For a definitive explanation of Surprise Peas, see

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