black pudding

can u eat black pudding raw.
our nan used to give it to us to eat raw...and we all lived to tell the tale.....
18:56 Tue 10th Jun 2008
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In some parts of the north they eat it raw, remember its partly steamed anyway,it tastes good chose a local butcher make if possible they are the best,another thing that i used to give to the football team after a match was "mucky fat" on bread dellllllllllllllllllicious!
A raw black pudding butty - GREAT! But do as puddicat suggests and get some from your local butcher. You can but half a ring to give it a try, but why not simply ask the butcher if you can try before you buy, most if not all will be delighted to give you a sample. _encephalopathy

Dont eat raw Black pudding. Its made of beef blood mixed with offal and can be dangerous to your health if eaten raw.

Slice, fry or grill. This process kills any bacteria in it.......better be safe than sorry.
The term "raw" in all the above answers refers to the "cooked" product sold by butchers which can be eaten in that form. Frying or grilling are even more ways of enjoying black pudding which incidentally is, in the UK, made from the products of pig, not beef.
u can soon tell if the black pudding is raw or cooked......the white spots are lard.....if they are translucent it is cooked. If the white can been seen clearly it is raw.

If the pud has black plastic 'wrapping' around edge its raw.

Whichever animal, it is offal and must be consumed cooked.

Black pudding in Europe is made predominantly with pig blood. The blood is first cooked with small pieces of fat, herbs and spices and quite often with barley or oatmeal to get it to a thick enough consistency to fill the intestine or sausage casings. These are then poached in boiling water.

They are perfectly OK to eat "raw" as you say. After all a lot of cured meats such as parma ham are eaten "raw" too as that is only salted and dried. Not cooked at all.
I love black pudding, and always eat it at the butchers while he is serving me. When I get home I slice it and make sandwiches. Sometimes I grill it. I've never been ill from it.

It is impossible to get raw black pudding - it is already cooked when it reaches the shop.

It is also impossible to get black pudding made from bovine blood.

Black pudding is fabby when put on top of fillet steak when making a Beef Wellington.

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