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Hi, Has anybody had success making caster sugar from granulated? I tried in a liquidizer and broke the motor.It cost nearly 200 euros to repair.I bake alot of cakes and if some manufacturer came up with a product that can do it,it would save alot of money in time! What do you all think?
08:17 Wed 29th Feb 2012
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Would it not be cheaper just to buy it? It couldn't cost much more than the ordinary stuff.
didn't think there was much difference in cost between caster and granulated... but have done small quantities in a coffee grinder rather than a liquidiser so a commercial type grinder would probably do the job quite well as sugar is no where near as hard as coffee beans
Sandy-Valeriea lives outside the UK if I am not mistaken,so caster sugar may not be available to her.
I've made cakes with granulated sugar just takes a little longer to mix,comes out the same. If you use an electric mixer whats the diffrence ?
What about a pestle and mortar?
How about negotiating with your local coffee bar for a bit of grinding for a small payment
You can get 25kg bags of all types of sugar , flour and other ingredients from cash and carry or commercial suppliers, it works out much cheaper and most offer free delivery . They will sell to anyone not just restaurants etc, though you may have to set up an account. There are 1,000s of them all over the place.
I frequently make it in a coffee type grinder, make a batch, and store it in a jar.
I have a Bamix which I can use. I believe a coffee grinder would work too.
Since caster sugar and granulated suger are chemically the same and both end up being dissolved then the only issue is, as Eddie said, that it takes a little longer. So just let the mixture rest for ten minutes after the initial mixing, a lot easier and probably quicker than trying to grind it up.
If you really need to make the grains smaller, put it in a strong plastic bag and roll it with a rolling pin. I find that granulated sugar seems to be finer these days anyway. be careful trying to grind it down, one pulse too far and you end up with icing sugar.
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You are right Pastafreak I live in Athens but I'm returning to England next year. I remember when I was back home the caster sugar was more expensive than the granulated. By the way what is the price for caster sugar and do supermarkets do own brands of it?
Tesco does own brand unrefined golden caster sugar @ 1.99 per kg,as does Sainsbury's (for a bit more)

Not much difference in price? Hah! Tesco...Silver Spoon Granulated Sugar, 98p per kg. Silver Spoon Caster Sugar, £1.99 per kg. That's twice as much. Can't understand the price difference but the term 'rip-off' springs to mind. Recently I've found that Whitworths Granulated Sugar seems to have much smaller grains than from other manufacturers. In fact, some of the Whitworths sugar is quite dust-like.
I just use ordinary granulated sugar and no-one's complained yet.

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