Dumplings in slow cooker

Tomorrow I`m going to make a beef stew in the slow cooker. My one and only attempt ever of making dumplings failed miserably. They disintegrated. I didn`t realise you are supposed to put them in at the end. How soon before the end of cooking would you put them in?
14:59 Tue 29th Nov 2011
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Mine always fail as well. I end up with a suety, mashed up brains effect! I have a new idea, not tried it yet so can't confirm its success; Try baking them in the oven for around 15 mins, just to harden them up a bit and then add them to the stew.
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Thanks, I might try that.
How long did you cook them for last time ? I'd guess about 20 minutes would be enough, but I suppose it's a case of trial and error until you discover the knack.
I'm doing stew and dumplings tonight in my slow cooker.
The stew went in at 12.30 and the dumplings will go in 30 mins before serving (17.00 for serving at 17.30).
Mine go in about the last 35 minutes in the oven, not sure about a slow cooker tho' ...I like mine to be more like cobblers and have a browned off top...hubby likes them soggy!
Just to make it clear, the dumplings sit on top of the stew whilst cooking, not immersed in it.
My slow-cook book says 45 mins to 1 hour on the "high" setting.
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Thanks for the replies. I think I put them in straight away last time so it`s no wonder they went to mush. I`ve figured that you would normally put them in 30 mins before the end with a stove top stew so I`m going to aim for 45 mins in a slow cooker.
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For the record, I did the stew and dumplings tonight. I didn`t make proper ones with Atora suet because that`s just pure fat and I don`t eat that kind of thing. I bought a packet of dumpling mix from the supermarket and put them in an hour before the end of cooking. I didn`t realise how much they would swell up and I can only say, I`ve never had such big dumplings! :-) They turned out perfectly though.
And you think the mix didnt have fat??? Bless.
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No the (veggie ) ones I used didn`t. But thanks anyway. Bless.
i am making mince in the slow cooker tomorrow and i shall add the dumplings,yummy stuff,also having cabbage and mash.
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Sounds lovely. You know it`s winter when you want to use the slow cooker. It wouldn`t occur to me to use it in the summer but it`s a great thing to have at this time of year.
Do post your fat free dumplings, please :)
have you ever made soup in the slow cooker,it's scrumptious.
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No I haven`t Slinky. One of the things I would like to do in the slow cooker is dahl. I haven`t tried it but I met someone who owned an Indian restaurant and he said that when he cooks dahl, he simmers it for about 12 hours. A slow cooker would be perfect for that.
you should google the site you get some brilliant recipes
made delish dumplings this week. Did my stew in the slow cooker as normal but made an instant gravy mix and filled a roasting tray about 2/3" deep with the gravy. Put in the oven until the top is crispy and the underneath soggy with gravy. Luverly !!!
I give mine an hour as it takes a while for the liquid to get back up to simmering point after the lid has been taken off the slow cooker.

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