Home made beer

Hi, please could someone pass on the recipe and method to make my own beer and any tips if poss.

Thanks in advance
13:32 Mon 26th Mar 2012
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You're best off starting with brewing kits. Its basically a beer extract in a tin that you add water and yeast too. Most kits come with full instructions.

This is how I started off in brewing about 5 years ago. Theres a very good webiste and forum www.jimsbeerkit.co.uk that is full of helpful advice and knowledgable contributors.
One thing which makes a big difference no matter whh route you use is a three stages of fermentation. The first is the initial fermentation for week in a barrel or bucket, then transfer to another vessel for a week to a month and then into your final container. I find this maks a home brew taste like a bought beer.

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