Nice wine

If you're looking for a nice wine for a special treat this one is lovely better than cheepo s/market stuff.

Buiten Blanc 2010

Light easy drinking dry and fruity white, Sauvignon Blanc based but topped off with a splash of Riesling, goes well with seafood, chicken or drink on its own! Available from N…W… at £8. www.n....

00:15 Fri 02nd Mar 2012
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N... W... ?
I"m afraid all white wine tastes like glorified grapefruit juice imo

much,much prefer Red.
There'd be something seriously wrong with a Sauvignon Blanc if it tasted like grapefruit juice, Zhukov!

Sauvignon Blanc grapes can produce some rather bland wines, particularly when grown where there's little sunshine. But Jem's recommendation is for a South African wine, which should be packed with flavour. However (if I was to seek a white wine at around £8 per bottle), I'd probably prefer a decent QmP German white, or even a decent Ozzie Chardonnay.
NZ Sauvs are the best imo.
sorry, id rather have a nice Chablis or Sancere.

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Nomercy - N W =

jem Media URL:
Blue Nun with fish, chips and mushy peas... heaven. By the way, the wine doesn't cost a penny if you can find a small supermarket with no security cameras. Try the Co-op, they're good with food.
Viognier. Yum.

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