pomegranate juice.

I tried some pomegranate juice over christmas as I read somewhere that it
might help lower your blood pressure. I quite liked the taste albeit a bit
sweet. Is there any truth in this [or would I have to drink gallons of it a day
to mame any difference] What other food and drink do abers consume to
keep themselves healthy.
14:48 Tue 27th Dec 2011
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Grapefruit juice.
Beetroot juice drank regularly helps lower BP.
Question Author
Not a lover of beetroot or grapefruit I'm afraid. Any more suggestions?
Was it pure pomegranate juice or had it been adulterated with sugar and other stuff? Most of the pomegranate products I have found contain other cheaper things such as apple juice from concentrate.
I've heard that pomegranate juice is very good for you - Aldi sell a pomegranate and cranberry juice (in a carton) which is pleasant.

I'm cautious about grapefruit juice (although I like it) as you can't take it if you're on statins.

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