Very tired 5 year old

Hi. Hope somebody can help me out with this. couple of weeks ago my 5 year old daughter seemed to be unusually tired and complained of feeling a bit cold.No other symptoms, was still eating well and in between tired spells was creating chaos as usual. only lasted 2 or 3 days so we put it down to a bug working on her.
She's been fine since then but yesterday it started again. She had a halloween party at school last night and fell asleep within fifteen minutes of coming home ( at half seven ) then when she came home from school today decided she needed a nap. Woke up 15 minutes ago bright as a button, asking if she was still going swimming.
I really don't know if i should be worried or if it's just little bugs, growth spurts or even the weather changing and nights getting darker.Had a quick look on line and just scared myself silly. Anybody experienced anything like this with their kids?
17:18 Wed 31st Oct 2007
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Forgot to mention, there has been a lot of stress in the family lately, not least the death of my dad four weeks ago. My girl has obviously been very upset by this and I wonder if she's just feeling wiped out by everything that's happened. I know I am. x
the thing is it really could be any of what you are suggesting, the sadness of losing a grandparent, the dark nights or just a lingering bug that has not come to anything. I have not been right for about 2 weeks now and has taken until last night to have turned into a really nasty cold. I have experieced lethargy in my son over a few days for whatever it is to either pass or for it to turn into a tummy bug or whatever. It is just concerning with children because they cannot really tell you anything or you dont want to take any chances. I am no doctor so the responsibility lies with you but if something was really wrong i would think it would have continued throughout, not gone away and comeback. I would probably suggest no swimming if it does not cause too much upset because there really could be a cold coming on. See if she gets back to normal over the next few days but if not then perhaps consult your doctor. I am sure all will be fine x
I had noticed that when the kids return after the summer break they go to school all guns blazing, then almost going towards the xmas break they become tired, run down,mine becomes weepy and naughty. A lot of the parents have said the same, they are in need of a good break, after all they are still little. If she doesn't perk up after the xmas break have her checked out. You mentioned her waking up bright as a button, it does indicate that she is in need of some rest and after that she feels ok again. Mine were always fine again and in the rest period they also had a growth spurt. When my daughter comes home from school now she has a little napnap as she calls it and she is 7.
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Thanks for your answers, joannie and daisey.
I got her checked out by the Doctor on Thursday and she's been given a clean bill of health. I think you're both right and it's just been a combination of a lot of factors, not least my paranoia about my family's health at the moment.
Thanks again. x

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