how heavy is 30 kg

Can anyone give me a rough idea as to what sort of item would weigh 30kg so I can guess if my parcel can be sent by a courier.
I already know about 30 bags of sugar,but unfortunately I only have half a bag in my cupboard .
01:04 Thu 23rd Aug 2007
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it is 63lb - so 32 bags of sugar.

Heavier than a big sack of potatoes, which is 55lb.

The new computers I was unpacking at work the otehr day weigh 17kg and they were quite heavy.

Normally a smaller built woman would have trouble to lift 20kg and the avergage man would be able to lift 20kg but notice the weight.
isn,t 30kg close to the manual handling limit?
i tried to buy a double radiator off ebay that was 30kg and the couriers wanted �80 because it was claimed to be a 2 man lifting job
if you contact DHL COURIERS on line. they will tell you how much it is to any part of the world . i typed it into a web search and found it very helpful

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