Hi Was misdiagnosed for a year.Changed doctor and he fixed me.Dont want this

to happen again.What can you do to prevent this as I lost a year of my life.
13:34 Sun 11th Mar 2012
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Not sure what you are trying to say. Stay with the doctor that 'fixed' you and then you should feel OK about future medical problems.
Why do you think you may ever be misdiagnosed again?

Stay registered with the doctor who has sorted you out.
Glad to hear you have a firm diagnosis and are " fixed " now James, however medicine is not an exact science and we are not all textbook cases. I am sure your previous doctor did not misdiagnose on purpose and maybe it is lucky it was a year until a new diagnosis. Sometimes patients have to wait much longer, through no fault whatsoever. I hope you continue to be well.
always get a second opinion in future

if what you are really asking is about compensation, you would need to give the details as to whether there has been any actual negligence
\\ Want This

to happen again.What can you do to prevent this as I lost a year of my life.\\\

There is not a thing that you can do.....ALL doctors have misdiagnosed hundreds of times in a lifetime of medical care.
Indeed, there was a time Sqad told someone to take some Ibuprofen- and they didn't need them!

Pleased you got yourself sorted and hope you continue to be well , stick with the Doctor you have confidence in and ask for a second opinion if you're unhappy .

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