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just wanted to know how to go about this or not go about it at all...i live with my brother his gf and my 1 and a half year old niece in my dads house-we all lived here before (i am saving to move out and so are they) trouble is-everytime, and this is lately, i come near my niece she screams and cries hyserically, and its come to the point now where im tiptoeing around her. Her parents just ignore it, but i dont think they should-they should be doing something about it! ive never shouted or been horrible around the child so i dont know whats brought it on. do know that everybody spoils her alot though! should i say something next time she does it? or just wait if she grows out of it?
11:59 Wed 15th Feb 2012
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i mean in any room and if there is a door she will shut it as not to see me!
If I see my grandchildren cry, I pretend to cry as well. They are so confused they stop and stare at me. Try it.
She's very probably picked up on your disapproval of her being spoilt - young children are very sensitive in this respect.
I wouldn't pander to it...if she closes a door so as not to see you open it again at her age she shouldn't be in a room on her own without someone watching her or at least with a sight line..
Just behave quietly and reasonably to her hopefully she will grow out of it...
This may seem an odd question but have you got much facial hair?
The OP is hope not,,,
Or she may have heard her parents discussing you?

Sometimes they grow out of it but I am all for the theory that you should not pander to children.

I would leave you to babysite for an hour in the afternoon and get to (re) know her. If you are normally distant to her she may have got a silly notion into her head, they do that some times, so need her to feel comfortable in your presence otherwise your home life for a while is going to be difficult.
Do something interesting to attract her attention... curiosity may get the better of her
Ooops, could have sworn I just saw the same person ask another Q about man things. I'm clearly seeing things.
in latest posts she answered on asking a girl out wasn't doing the asking..
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no i havent got facial hair! she used to be really good with me! no she doesnt really speak so she wouldnt really understand any adult discussion-she knows words around play/ food ect. her mum wont anyone babysit her the chid and her mum are in all day everyday. i love her to bits so no i dont ever disprove of her being spoilt at all-i have spoiled her as others contunie to do so but i think its kind of affecting her behaviour-i used to spend time with her but she hits alot (she isnt hit) and last time she left a 3 inch scab down my neck, i dont want the child to feel distant from me so i try to speak to her but she screams so i avoid her now as not to distress her but its quite irritating for me.
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no this is my first question on user
Can you not think of anything specific that happened around the time that she started the screaming?
My daughter used to scream and cry whenever either of my brothers went near her. They had never shouted at her or done anything that would have upset her. In fact the elder brother always had a sweet, a biscuit or a packet of crisps for her, he had a grocers shop. She grew out of it and loved them both by the time she was around 4 years old. She didn't like men very much at that age - she grew out of that too. :-)) My son was very wary around his aunts but was ok with his uncles. I think it's just their funny ways and they grow out of it. Not very nice while it lasts though.
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Alright, alright I did say I'd got a bit confused.
My son wouldn't stay with anyone in a room I wasn't in.

Rowan, realistically you cannot watch them all the time. That's why we child proof our houses.
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thanks guys..ill just ignore it based on your advice and nit say anything to the parents, guess they cant do anything about it anyway..hopefully shell grow out of it
I definitely wouldnt tip toe around, kids pick up on atmospheres very quickly.Just pretend she isnt crying, sit down and ignore it. She cant keep it up forever!

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