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my grandson has not seen his father for over a year now, he is 7, bit of a long story but his father was not good for him, and he alway came back with a horrible attitude, bad language and behaviour that took all week to get over by which time it was time to see him again. no contact has been made, a social worker told my daughter not to let him see his father if she did not feel it was safe for him to go there as his father had been in trouble at that time (again). a solicitors letter arrived this morning telling my daughter he is now out of work and entitled to free legal help with getting access - yet he wasnt bothered when he had to pay for it???! she does not know what to do any advice would be much appreciated.
11:25 Tue 14th Feb 2012
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contact social worker/lawyer.
Hard one to call. Every child should have the right to see their father. But every child should have the right to stability.

She needs to talk to her son to see how he feels.
A hard one and have been there myself ( and still am!). Courts wont take child sole opinion at the young age of 7. They would probably appoint a CAFCASS worker to see what is best for everybody. I feel for you.

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