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water tank overflow

the water tank overflow has been leaking for 4 years into my garden what damage to property will this do
Can anyone tell me if my bathroom sink has been connected incorrectly the u-bend to low nd is clogged what dose this mean when water dose down th sink it makes a loud noise this is a councul property
01:37 Mon 10th Oct 2011
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Ask the council to come and check it out.
Ball Cock appears to be faulty and needs replacing by Council Plumber.
Report it to Council Housing repairs Dept
...and why have you left it FOUR YEARS?
Exactly gingejbee, it should have been reported to Council straight away.
What a waste of water
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this has been reported to the council l would never of left a problem like this 4 years!! but what l need to know as l intend to make a claim is what damage to the property foundation with so much water and how the bathroom sink will affect this will have on my health if any
How can you make a claim for damages to the structure of the property when its not yours.
Would it not have been easier just to get it fixed ? If it is the old metal bar with a ball on the end style, a simple slight bend of the bar may have sorted it in minutes.
It's not your property so you have no claim for property damage to the structure.

Just because a bathroom sink 'gurgles', this would not cause a health issue. No idea if the sink has been plumbed in correctly, insufficient detail.
You make it sound like you are just looking to cause trouble to be honest, you want to claim against the council for the damage they may have caused to their own property!!

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